6 British Tie Styles You Need To Know

Much more difficult, for local anglophiles, is to hit the occasion to boast the British look. Authentic gentlemen like to be noticed not because of what they wear, but because of when they wear it. Would you combine a lilac men’s tie with a light grey morning coat? Or would you carry an orange pocket square in the pocket of a sober black jacket? The myth of the British chic comes with courage and confidence in the riskiest combinations, because of good taste. The secret of Brit tie style lies precisely in understanding which tie to use and when to use it.

The tie is an essential, if not the most critical part of a suit. It truly does signify class and style. The increasingly strong trend is to incorporate the use of the tie in different outfits not exclusive for formal suits. Sometimes it accompanies a sweater, a casual jacket, departing from its classic historical origin to cover the buttons of the shirt.

So, is the British tie style overrated?

For the Brits, the men’s tie is a strict code that marks the dividing line between those who have good taste and those who don’t. The pragmatism of the English high society explains his love for the tie. However, the classic men’s tie style continues to exist and is easily identifiable.

Everything you need to know about best skinny ties

Which skinny men’s necktie is best for every man? The tie is the centrepiece in the fashion of men today. When someone wears a pretty tie in a classic look, he’s telling everyone “this person knows what they’re for.” It’s something like a private club. There are six types of ties that every man should know about that signify confidence and professionalism.

1.    Navy blue tie is a dark blue tie.

A navy blue tie goes just as well with a grey suit as with a checkered suit. The magic of a navy blue tie is that it allows all the colours around to breathe. The tie becomes itself in the central element while the rest side.

2.    The tie of a solid colour

Men’s tie in a solid colour is something obligatory. But, choose your colours with intelligence. The trick is to choose colours that complement your skin tone. If your skin has a rosy hue, dark reds will highlight it. However, if your skin is more olive-coloured, you can go with chocolate, dark green, or shades of purple.

3.    Tie with a geometric pattern

Instead of expressing yourself in colour, you can express yourself in graphics as well. If you stay within the same colour palette, you can use a pinstripe suit with a plaid shirt and a polka dot tie. The description sounds horrible, and it seems that the combination will look very careless. And yet, it works. And what about small planes, monkeys or bananas in a tie?

4.    Knitted silk tie

Although it is not essential, a simple black, navy blue or dark tie can be a great addition to your look. It must be at least 6 centimeters and a half wide. Although knit ties are very fashionable today, they have been here for a few years now. They add a casual and relaxed touch to a shirt on the weekend, or even during the week if you wear a suit.

5.    Skinny Ties

The skinny tie should be appropriate to your age and fashion trends. It isn’t suitable for everyone. You have to wear a tie that reflects your status. If you had worn a piece of clothing before when it was in fashion, do not use it again the next time it becomes fashionable. After a certain age, it is better to dress classically and elegantly.

6.    Funky ties

No matter how subtle they pretend to be, they are fashionable yet chic. It is the tie that steals the protagonist of the suit. Avoid ties that have too much colour, too many patterns or both. Everyone prefers a little simplicity.

All in all, choosing a tie can be a crucial step in completing your look. However, the perfect tie can be the missing puzzle piece that you need to last an everlasting impression.